Nye FIE regler for reklamer på uniformen (Sæson 2019/2020)

Der er 12 pladser tilgængelige på uniformen, men kun 10 af gangen er tilladt.
Annoncering på benet er ikke længere lovligt!

Sponsorer og partneres logoer kan monteres på følgende placeringer:

Billeder lånt fra Leon Paul.



p.9. Definition
The mark is the name or badge which identifies the origin, the manufacturer or the seller of a particular piece of the fencer’s equipment.
As soon as the mark exceeds the normal or authorised dimensions, it becomes an advertisement and comes under the jurisdiction of the regulation below (cf. p.12).

p.10. Position and sizes
1. The articles of the fencers’ equipment may carry the following visible marks:
a) Mask One mark, maximum size 12.5 cm2, on the rear of the spring
b) Jacket One mark at the bottom of the jacket on the hip on the side of the non-sword arm, maximum size 30 cm2
c) Trousers One mark at the bottom of the trouser leg, on one side only, maximum size 30 cm2
d) Socks One mark on each sock, maximum size 10 cm2
e) Shoes The name of the brand on each shoe, maximum 10 cm2, or the normal badge or insignia (e.g. bands)
f) Glove One mark: maximum size: 10 cm2. If the mark is fixed on the glove as a label (glued or sewn), it must be on the cuff.
g) Weapon Maximum size: 2.5 cm2
h) Electric Jacket One mark at the bottom of the jacket on the hip of the nonsword arm side. Maximum size: 30 cm2.
2. The article of equipment may not have any distinctive mark (band, design, border, etc.) other than those authorised above.
3. Ancillary equipment may carry the following manufacturer’s marks:
a) Tracksuit The normal mark as it appears on all articles by the same manufacturer (e.g. bands for Adidas) and one badge, maximum size 10 cm x 10 cm, on the left-hand side of the chest or the name, maximum size 10 cm x 4 cm, on the left-hand side of the chest
b) Fencing bag No limitation
c) Sports bag No limitation

p.11. Exploitation of the fencer’s image
1. Definition
This heading concerns advertising contracts which propose:
a) exploitation of the presence of a fencer;
b) exploitation of the name of a fencer;
c) exploitation of the picture of a fencer;
d) exploitation of things said by a fencer;
e) exploitation of a fencer’s performance;
f) any other exploitation of the image or fame of a fencer for publicity purposes.
2. Regulations
The measures outlined above (cf. p.4, p.5, p.6) are alone applicable, as are Article 8.1.1 of the FIE Statutes and Rule 26 of the IOC.

p.12. Advertising which is worn or carried
1. Definition
a) Advertising worn or carried refers to any name or badge other than the mark of the manufacturer or seller of the equipment in question (cf. p.9) which appears on a fencer’s main or ancillary equipment.
b) A mark which is larger than the sizes which are usual or laid down above (cf. p.10) constitutes advertising.
c) All advertisements contrary to the law of the country in which the competition is taking place are forbidden.

  1. Fencing clothing and equipment
    a) If a federation and/or a fencer have signed a sponsorship contract with a commercial or other company, the logo of that sponsorship partner may be fixed:
    – at the top of the sleeve of the non-sword arm of the fencing jacket, a maximum of 3 logos, with a maximum area of 85 cm2 each;
    – on the socks;
    – on the glove, a maximum of one logo of 30 cm2, printed on the cuff, (attachment by sewing and gluing is not allowed);
    – on the collarbones, a maximum of two logos, one each side, with a maximum area of 50cm2 each;
    – on the collar of the fencing jacket or electric fencing jacket, a maximum of one logo with a maximum area of 30 cm2;
    – on the back, a maximum of one logo, below the nationality code, with a maximum area of 250 cm2.
    The sponsor’s logo may be displayed on each side of the mask. Maximum size:
    100 cm2 on each side of the mask.
    b) A fencer may not display more than ten such logos.
  2. Tracksuits and clothing
    a) On national federation tracksuits one advertisement is allowed, on the back between the shoulders:
    i. either one line, not exceeding 10 cm in height;
    ii. or one badge, not exceeding 15 cm x 15 cm.
    b) The logo of the sponsorship partner of the federation or chosen for the weapon concerned may furthermore be affixed horizontally on the front righthand side of the tracksuit. The surface area of this logo may not exceed 50 cm2.
    c) In addition, if a fencer has signed a sponsorship contract with a commercial or other company, the official tracksuit may display the same logos as the fencing clothing.
    d) At the World Championships, only national federation tracksuits may be worn (cf. p.12.3 a)).
    e) At other competitions (except on the podium at World Cup competitions), advertising on tracksuits, bath robes and any other clothing is unrestricted and is only limited by the consent of the national federation to which the fencer belongs.
  3. Ancillary equipment
    Advertising on fencing bags and sports bags is allowed without limitation.
  4. Television
    a) When a competition is being televised, the requirements of the television company are paramount, within the limits of the regulations described above.