Fencing videos

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La Ginnastica Per La Scherma – Plyometric excerpt
La Ginnastica per la scherma
Fencing Visualized
On the edge
ChampionSheeps – Fencing
Veteran fægtning?
The Princess Bride – I Am Not Left-Handed (1987) 
OK støtter sporten – fægtning
Fencing explained
A good reason
Ready To Duel
Zorro ?
A Kind of magic
Souther Fried Fencing
Die Another Day – Fencing scene
Zidane fencing for adidas (Paul Hunter)
Best tip: For the sake of your armpits, wear the plastron
Lightsaber Fencing Is Now A Thing In France (HBO)
The speed of a sabre may be compared to the speed of a guns bullet
Star Wars duel on Fencing World Championships